Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Policy

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Observe Codes:

  • Observe applicable laws, codes and regulations concerning environmental, occupational health and safety.

Ensure Safety:

  • Prevention of occupational injure and disease.
  • Provide employees with safety & healthy working environment.
  • Managers/supervisors should be liable for safety issues.
  • All employees and visitors shall strictly adhere to company safety regulations.

Cleaner Production:

  • Committed to pollution prevention.
  • Reduce energy consumption and fully utilize various natural resources.
  • Minimize wastes production & discharge to safeguard our living environment.

Continual improvement:

  • Committed to innovation and making continuous improvement on Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety. Achieving safe production mode with high efficiency, outstanding quality and lower energy consumption.

Human orientation:

  • Pick out, train and motivate employees fairly, provide the most suitable personnel to facilitate company operation.
  • Give high concentration on employees’ occupational health and safety to meet their satisfaction.
  • Devoted to the improvement of employees’ environmental protection and safety consciousness to achieve their development on environmental protection and awareness on occupational health & safety. 


ESSEX (SUZHOU)      ISO 14001:2004 PDF Icon   |   OHSAS 18001:2007 PDF Icon

ESSEX (TIANJIN)       ISO 14001:2004 PDF Icon