Communications Cable History (Superior)

The origins of Superior start with Superior Cable Corporation, which was formed in 1954 in Hickory, NC.  Superior Cable manufactured plastic insulated, twisted pair, copper conductor telephone cable and wire. 

Superior Cable expanded from a single plant and less than $100 million in sales to become a global force, as its customers responded to explosive demand for phone service nationwide. 

In 1963, Superior Cable introduced the first all-plastic drop wire to the telephone industry.  And, in 1964, Superior built the Brownwood, TX, telephone cable plant to better serve the Southwestern United States.  

In 1967, Continental Telephone acquired Superior Cable and merged the company with a corporate family of wire, cable, coax, telephone hardware and electronic systems manufacturers.  Superior Cable once again became an independent manufacturer when it was divested from Continental in 1976. 

Superior continued to grow and, in 1980, it was acquired by Siecor Corporation, a leading producer of optical fiber and cable.  In 1985, Siecor elected to divest Superior into a stand alone company, and Superior soon thereafter introduced its own fiber optic cable product line. 

In 1993, The Alpine Group Inc. acquired Superior and then began the acquisition of other communications cable companies.  At the same time, Superior expanded its product line to include premises data cables. 

In 1996, Superior TeleCom Inc. completed its Initial Public Offering on the New York Stock Exchange and, by the end of 1997 the company had $500 million in revenues annually.