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 We manufacture many specialty constructions of magnet wire / winding wire not mentioned below. Please contact us for your magnet wire inquiries. 



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Product Description

Temperature Class
Degrees C

FORMVAR   Polyvinyl Formal Class 105
SODERON® FS/155   Polyurethane/Polyamide (Nylon) Class 155
SODERON® /155   Polyurethane/Polyamide (Nylon) Class 155
SODEREX®/155   Polyurethane Class 155
SODERON®/180   Polyurethane/Polyamide (Nylon) Class 180
SODEREX®/180   Polyurethane Class 180
SOLIDEX®   Solderable Polyester Class 180
SOLIDON®   Solderable Polyester/Polyamide (Nylon) Class 180
NYTHERM®   Modified Polyester/Polyamide (Nylon) Class 180
GP/MR-200®   Modified Polyester/Polyamideimide Class 200
THERMALEX 200®   Modified Polyester Class 200
ULTRASHIELD® PLUS   Modified Polyester/Polyamideimide Class 200
GP/MR-EXTRA®   Modified Polyester/Polyamideimide Class 220
ALLEX®   Polyimide Class 240
SODERBOND® N/155   Polyvinyl Butyral Self Bonding over
Polyurethane / Nylon
Class 155
POLYBONDEX®   Modified Polyester/Polyamideimide/Bondcoat Class 180
POLYFLEX®/225 Extruded Polymer
Class 200 

Product/Film Textile

Product Description

Temperature Class Degrees C

GLASS FIBERS   Glass & Film Glass & Polyester Glass Polyester Glass & Film Class 155 Insulating Varnish
Class 180 Polyester Varnish
NOMEX®   Aromatic Polyamide Class 200/220
KAPTON®   Polyimide Tape Class 220/240

NOMEX® and Kapton® are registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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