Engineering Data Handbook - Magnet Wire


We are pleased to offer the ESSEX® Magnet Wire / Winding Wire Engineering Data Handbook. The handbook is a culmination of data from the current NEMA MW 1000 revision, which is the industry standard to which our products are measured and tested, as well as other industry resources. The handbook includes information for Copper and Aluminum regarding dimension, area, weight, and resistance values for round, square, and rectangular products as well as conductor properties.

Contents of the ESSEX® Magnet Wire / Winding Wire Engineering Data Handbook have been revised to reflect NEMA's publishing of ANSI/NEMA MW 1000-2008, Revision 1-2009 Magnet Wire. Please contact NEMA for information regarding the specific changes to the NEMA MW 1000 publication. If you have an older hard copy of the ESSEX® Magnet Wire / Winding Wire Engineering Data Handbook prior to the revision, please contact your Essex Account Executive for an updated handbook.

The book is available to view by two different ways.  You can either download the entire pdf and navigate using the linked table of contents or you can use the drill down menu to find the exact data you need. Either way, we know you'll find this book a useful addition to your technical library.

Download the entire PDFClick here to download the handbook PDF.  The table of contents is linked so you can click on the page number and it will take you to page you need.  To go back to the table of contents, click on the words "engineering data" located in the bottom right hand corner.  To exit the PDF, simply click on the word "ESSEX®" located in the bottom left hand corner of the page.

Drill Down MenuClick Here to find the specific data you need, please use the drill down menu. Once the selection is made, a pdf of the page will open.


Engineering Data Handbook Cover