Reel Information

Reel Information

Continuously Transposed Cable is normally packaged in single lengths on wooden reels with total weight up to 15,000 lbs (6,800 kgs). Two or more lengths or higher weights per reel can be supplied on special request.

Reel size is determined by the minimum barrel diameter of the reel (which is determined by the formula for winding diameter D), and by the capacity and overall dimensions of the reel.

Cables will always be supplied in lengths specified by the customer, but priced and charged by weight.

Standard Transposed Cable Shipping Reels

Reel Diagram
1.  All dimensions are in Inches
2.  Drive Pine Diameter = 2"


 Reel Designation = Flange x Traverse x Barrel
4.  Reel Capacity (Feet) = Capacity Constant / Max. Cable Radial x Axial (Inches)
5.  Reel Capacity (Meters) = Capacity Constant x 0.3048 / Max. Cable Radial x Axial (Inches)
6.  Reel Capacity (Meters) = Capacity Constant x 196.60/ Max. Cable Radial x Axial (mm)