Product Overview




 Product Overview


Continuously Transposed Cable (CTC) consists of a number of rectangular, film enamelled conductors made into an assembly and usually over-wrapped with layers of insulating paper. The number of conductors is usually an odd number (from 5 to 83), arranged side by side in two stacks. Each conductor is transposed in turn without twist along its length and each conductor passing through every position. The length of cable (or “Transposing Lay”) for this complete cycle varies with the size and number of conductors. 

Potential Advantages 

  • Reduction in winding time in the manufacture of large transformers 
  • Improvement in space factor in winding design and reduction in unit size and cost 
  • Reduction of eddy and circulating current losses 
  • Improved physical strength of wound coils 


  • Generators 
  • Transformers 

CTC Brochure 
CTC Product Brochure