Order Information

Ordering Information 

When placing an order, please specify: 



1. Number of conductors required in the CTC
2. Copper Temper 
3. Nominal dimension of the individual bare wire conductor. (Thickness x Width)
4. Enamel Type & Build (NEMA or IEC, or Customer Specification)
    •Epoxy (Concentric or Radial), if required 
    •Epoxy Type 
5. The overall paper addition 
    •Type of Insulation…paper type, Diamond, Paperless or Perforated Wrap 
    •If separator required 
    •Any special covering requirements i.e. paraffin wax treatment 
6. Cable Maximum Dimensions 
7. Total order length of CTC required 
8. Number of individual lengths of CTC required (i.e., Number of Reels & Lengths/Reel)
9. The inside diameter of the winding core 
10. Winding configuration. Disk, Helical or Layer Winding 
11. Special packaging / reeling requirements 
12 Contact information, telephone, fax numbers and/or email address 

Please download and complete the CTC Order/Inquiry Form. Send the completed form to   magnetwire@superioressex.com.     

CTC should be ordered by length not weight. A small variation in cable dimensions can cause substantial variation in total cable weight.