Cable Materials

Cable Materials 


CTC is normally constructed with soft, tempered or silver bearing copper conductors, insulated with PVA enamel. After transposing, the conductors are spirally wrapped with electrical grade, thermally upgraded, paper. 

Conductors of this construction are made to meet the following specifications: 

Bare Wire 

  • ASTM B48 
  • E-Cu 58F20 
  • CPR1 – CPR3 
  • CuAg 0.1 – CDA 114 

Insulated Wire 

  • PVA (120°)• NEMA  MW 18-C (105°)•  IEC 60317-18 
  • PEI+AI (Polyesterimide-amideimide) (200°)•  NEMA  MW 36-C IEC 60317-29 
  •  Polyimide (240°)• NEMA  MW 20-C• IEC 60317-30 

Normal Insulation Build is IEC Grade 1 & Grade 2, NEMA Heavy Build, or Customer requirement 

  • Work-hardened ETP Copper, up to a maximum yield strength (.2% offset) of 32000 PSI (220.8N/mm²) 
  • Silver Bearing conductors to a maximum yield strength (.2% offset) 53000 PSI (365N/mm²) 
  • Self bonding materials over the insulated wire


                      Concentric and Radial Bond 

    Concentric Bond with 4 Sides Coating

    Radial Bond with Thickness Coating Only